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Dave’s Custom Siding specializes in a wide array products designed to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your home.

Products such as ventilated Soffit and gable vents, copper or aluminum seamless rain gutters systems, aluminum Soffit & Fascia, or fascia only. We can also custom bend metal to cover any exposed wood you may have on your home, such as wood posts and beams, the trim around your windows or doors, or completely cover porch ceilings, beams and posts as you can view in the pictures below.

Dave’s Custom Siding Inc also provides full contractor services for new home construction, residential home remodel and commercial construction projects, locally in SLC and throughout the state of Utah.

Before we even begin the project, we pre-inspect the existing Soffit and Fascia for loose, rotting or rotted wood, and make sure you have adequate ventilation in your existing Soffit. This is very important and you can learn why here. as well as how to prevent ice dams here.

Our Soffit, Fascia, and rain gutters are available in several colors and styles making it easy to match your homes roof and existing siding, brick stucco or wood trim colors on your home!

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